Workshop II: Earth and Expropriation (Nov 22)


Earth & Expropriation

The Anthropocene Working Group (convened by the International Commission on Stratigraphy to undertake the sociotechnical work of creating a new geological era) is currently debating various ways of marking the boundary that separates us from the Holocene. While some experts have advocated for the advent of human agriculture and others for the industrial revolution as the decisive watershed, the emerging settlement seems to be that the Holocene ended in the mid-twentieth century, as nuclear testing began dispersing radioactive elements across the planet. The second workshop, “Earth and Expropriation,” addresses the implications of the Anthropocene in relation to the human condition, as well as questions of global justice given the asymmetry in contributions to ecological destruction by advanced capitalist economies, and the outsize impact on developing countries. We will consider how Arendt's phenomenological anthropology might speak to ecological issues, and what resources her work contains for environmental politics.