Collaboration Labs  

Arendt on Earth is designed as an experiment in collaboration -- across disciplines, institutions and between senior and junior scholars. We will host three "Collaboration Labs" - spaces to discuss various aspects of the collaborative process. 

I. Working the Boundaries (Fall 2018) 

This Lab examines the intellectual and professional challenges of inter- trans- and post-disciplinary scholarship, in relation to methodology and training, conferences and publishing, hiring and promotions. 

II. Working with Others (Winter 2019) 

This Lab focuses on collaboration, which has long been the norm in the natural sciences but remains comparatively rare in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. 

III. The Work of the Humanities (Spring 2019) 

This lab considers the purposes and methods of "Public Humanities" projects, the relationship of scholars (and academe as an institution) to the wider social field and to struggles for change.